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Discover the new design features of DJ.Studio v2.0!

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We are excited to share a huge new update to DJ.Studio, which we thought was worthy of calling v2.0!

This is the largest update to DJ.Studio so far, and includes a wide range of improvements, upgrades, and new features - all based on input from the DJ.Studio community.

This makes DJ.Studio quicker, easier, and more powerful.

We created new screens to make the software more intuitive for inexperienced users, while also expanding the features to give advanced DJs more functionality.

This article explains the new features, helping long-time DJ.Studio users get to grips with the different look, while also demonstrating some of the cool new features we added!

You can also watch this 2.0 video to see the biggest changes:

Overview - New Features in DJ.Studio v2.0

  1. A new home screen interface/dashboard, making it easier to find and manage your mix projects.

  2. A completely new 'Carousel' editor, making DJ.Studio super quick and easy to use for new (and experienced) users.

  3. Playlist view making it easier to organize a mix on the fly.

  4. Several quality-of-life improvements which make the overall workflow and interaction smoother, intuitive, and more stable.

  5. Updated graphics and performance improvements - creating a sharper look and more responsive feel.

  6. New external software integration - including Traktor, and Virtual DJ

  7. Choose the Export Location, letting you determine where the finished file is stored on your hard drive.

  8. A powerful new export re-pitch algorithm, which preserves the rhythm and tone of songs when pitch and BPM changes are applied.

  9. An upgraded automation system - making it easier to automate effects and parameters more precisely, and not so fiddly!

Now let's look at these new features in more detail!

New DJ.Studio Dashboard Home Screen for Managing Mixes

The new home dashboard makes it easier to find, manage, and create mix projects.

We also included some links to our Academy, so you can quickly find helpful tutorials and videos.

The Dashboard has several functions.

  • Create new mixes, either in the Local File, or YouTube mode.

  • Open and view your saved projects.

  • Manage your saved projects, including: editing details, duplicating, deleting, creating backups, and more.

  • Access the latest Academy information helping you to learn more about DJ.Studio and improve your workflow.

New Editing Modes and Studio Views

One of the largest changes we made was reworking the design of DJ.Studio's editing interface.

We created a few different modes for interacting with your mix. Some of these make it easier and simpler, while others give you more precise and detailed controls.

The functionality to Add tracks has moved from the Library tab which was previously shown at the top of the screen to a button in the left middle part of the screen where it is always visible.

There are now three main view modes:

  1. Carousel - A simple and fast mode for editing a mix.

  2. Playlist - Displays the playlist and timeline in a single view.

  3. Timeline - Get a large view of the timeline letting you edit your mix with crystal clarity and precision. (This was previously the 'Studio' mode) in v1.0.)

I'll now explain these new modes in more detail!


The carousel mode is a simplified, streamlined interface for editing your mix. With that said, it still can be used with the same level of advanced editing and complexity of Studio mode. It just has a more streamlined look, and makes it quick to apply transition presets, and move your tracks around.

You can find out the specifics of how to use the Carousel in our help center

Playlist View

Playlist view displays the playlist in the top half of the window, and the timeline editor in the bottom half.

This is useful for getting an overview of your mix, reordering tracks, and making precise edits from the same screen. Change the order of your tracks with the drag handle in front of the track numbers in the playlist.

The playlist displays information to help you work out how well harmonically mixed and beat-matched your set is.


The Studio mode will be familiar to anybody who used DJ.Studio before v2.0.

We've changed the way this mode looks slightly, increasing the display size so you can get a better look at the details of your project, and also cleaning up the interface.
Use the buttons Zoom, Track, Transition and Video at the bottom to choose what you want to see at the bottom.

With the Zoom interface it is easier to create detailed and accurate edits and automation in your mix.

Mix Menu

When you click on the name of your mix in the left top corner, you get all the options available:

Improved Automation Editing

We made several improvements to the automation system making it easier to fine-tune the parameters of your tracks.

  • New keyboard shortcuts for creating automation points.

  • A dropdown menu for selecting the automation lane.

  • a revised Edit menu to find the options the edit your tracks.

  • It's now easier to switch between different automation lanes, where it used to be tricky to select the right one.

  • Improvements to real-time automation recording.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Several small changes and fixes to make the overall user experience and interaction smoother.

  • A redesigned workflow, making the mix creation process more streamlined.

  • Modifications to the interface, making information clearer, and interaction more intuitive.

  • Changed the saving and project management systems to a more familiar style.

  • Improved the graphical display, making it sharper.

  • Also tweaked the engine to make the overall performance smoother and more stable.

  • You can now set the destination for exported files

New External Software Integration

We updated our integration with external software, with support added for Traktor, and Virtual DJ

New Export Re-pitch Algorithm

DJ.Studio PRO users now have access to an improved export algorithm.

This powerful re-pitch process preserves the rhythm and tone of songs when pitch and BPM changes are applied.

This reduces the number of audio artifacts in the final file and creates better audio quality.

Enjoy the new update!

As always, we love to hear from our community, so check out our feedback hub and let us know how you are enjoying DJ.Studio, and if there are any other features you would like to see!

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