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Automation Editor (Effects)
Automation Editor (Effects)

Create detailed transitions and effects using the custom automation editor

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DJ.Studio features a powerful and detailed automation editor.

This lets you adjust mixer and effects parameters over time to change the arrangement of a track and make more expressive transitions. You can even automate effects on sample tracks.

There are several ways to change the automation for each track.

Automation Parameters

Currently, the following values can be automated. We are working on adding more parameters to the software in a future update.

EQ Three

  • Bass

  • Mid

  • Treble


  • Track Volume

  • BPM


  • Filter LPF/HPF

How To Use and Edit Automation

Automation can be activated in a few different ways.

1. Firstly, you can display and edit the automation line for a parameter by clicking and moving the control. For example, change the position of the mid-EQ, or adjust the channel volume.

2. You will now see the automation line for the selected parameter.

3. Here, you can click on the line to make new automation points. These can then be moved around in time, or in value, to create the type of automation you want.

4. Simply click an existing point to delete it.

Automation Keyboard Shortcuts

Another quick method for creating automation values is by using keyboard shortcuts. (Or the right-click menu).

By pressing the relevant key, a new automation point will be created at the current playhead time for the chosen value. You can also access these operations by right-clicking the timeline.

To use this feature:

  1. Click at the place on the timeline where you want to create an automation point.

  2. Press the corresponding keyboard shortcut for the chosen value.

  3. Use the mouse to adjust the value of the automation point.

The keyboard shortcuts are:

Automation Operation

Keyboard Shortcut

Add Volume Marker


Add Filter Marker


Add High Marker


Add Mid Marker


Add Low Marker


Reset Automation for the current track


You can hold CTRL+CLICK to move the automation points freely, to de-activate grid snapping.

Realtime Recording Automation

You can also record more expressive and natural automation changes using the real-time record feature.

  1. Hit the red circular button to enable automation recording.

  2. Adjust the controls you wish to change while the track is playing.

  3. You will now see the automation information being written to the timeline.

  4. Stop playback to finish the recording.

  5. You can now use the mouse to adjust the recorded automation points or delete them.

Manual Effects Controls

You can also control the effects for each channel independently, in real-time.

Simply click the Automation tab at the bottom of the Studio view. Here, you will see controls for all the available effects.

You can double-click a slider to set it to the original value or click the S Solo button to hear effects in isolation.

Note - This is a beta feature, and may have some instabilities. We are working to develop this feature.

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