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Editing Audio Files - Cut/Copy/Paste
Editing Audio Files - Cut/Copy/Paste

Learn how to edit, cut, copy, paste, and duplicate audio in DJ.Studio

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You can edit the audio files used in a DJ.Studio set.

This lets you cut, trim, crop, and duplicate sections of songs on the timeline.

The following actions can be performed on selected sections of audio.

Simply shift+click and drag the mouse over the waveform area to select the audio you wish to edit.

Next, you can right-click the selection to open the action menu or use a keyboard shortcut.

Cut = cmd/ctrl + X - Copies the selected area to the clipboard, and removes the cut area from the timeline.

Copy = cmd/ctrl + C - Copies the selected area to the clipboard, which can be pasted elsewhere

Paste = cmd/ctrl + V - Pastes the audio currently in the clipboard to the selected timeline location. This action can be repeated to create extended loops.

Delete = del/backspace - Deletes the selected section from the timeline, and rejoins the file to remove any gaps.

You can use these actions to edit tracks, customizing them into your own remix arrangement.

Right-Click Edit Menu

You can also interact with audio files by Right-Clicking a selection of the waveform. This also shows the shortcuts.

  • Loop - Creates a duplicate of the selected audio, inserting it after the selection. Creating a single loop.

  • Loop 2 Times - Creates 2 new section loops, similar to above.

  • Loop 4 Times - Creates 4 new section loops, similar to above.

  • Cut - Deletes the selection, while also adding it to the clipboard to be pasted.

  • Copy - Adds the selection to your clipboard, leaving the original in place.

  • Paste - Inserts whatever audio is copied/cut to the clipboard, into the place of the selection marker.

  • Delete - Removes the selected audio from the timeline

  • Delete Selected Automation - Removes any automation in the selected area.

How to Shorten a Track in DJ.Studio

You can easily make tracks shorter by trimming the start or end, or cutting out sections in the middle.

Simply shift+click to highlight sections of a track, and press del/backspace to delete the selection.

You can see how that works in this video at 4:35

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