Stem Separation

Learn how to use the new Stem Separation features.

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DJ.Studio has a powerful Stem Separation system.

This lets you isolate and separate layers in a track (like drums, bass, melody, and vocals), giving you independent control over each layer's volume and automation. This is a powerful tool for transitions, and creating acapellas, mashups, and remixes.

You can purchase Stem Separation as an extension upgrade.

How To Activate Stem Separation

Activating Stem Separation features is easy, and only takes a few steps.

  1. Open DJ.Studio

  2. Open the Settings window

  3. Go to the Extensions Tab

  4. You will now see the Stem Separation extension, click download, then install and activate.

  5. After the extension is installed, you will need to restart DJ.Studio, or use the Reload function from the top menu.

  6. Stem separation is now activated.

How to Use Stem Separation

This section shows you the functions offered by DJ.Studio's Stem Separation technology.

Stem Transition Editor

Let's start by looking at the Stem Transition Editor.

You can use the Stem Separation tools in the transition editor interface to automate the volume of different stem channels to create unique transitions.

  1. Open the Studio View of your mix project.

  2. Head to the Transition Tab by selecting it from the bottom buttons.

  3. You will now see the options Equalizer, Effects, Stems and My Presets. Pick Swap or Crossfade for your stem transition or go for Full and tweak it to your liking.

  4. Wait a few moments as DJ.Studio analyses the tracks, and separates the stems based on the content analysis.

  5. You will now see 4 colored sub-lanes on each track, in the transition window. There are also 5 buttons on each track for toggling various layers.

    1. Drums - Contains the drums and percussion. (Green)

    2. Bass - Isolates the bassline. (Yellow)

    3. Melody - Captures the melodic and harmonic layers, like synths, guitars, keyboards, and other instruments. (Red)

    4. Vocals - Contains a pure isolation of any vocal elements in the track. (Blue)

    5. All - Lets you toggle on/off all the stems

  6. In the transition tab, you will see a bunch of transition presets and settings, particularly in the Stems card:

    1. None - Stems are not used for the transition

    2. Crossfade - All stems are crossfaded, with a slightly longer fade for drum stems.

    3. Swap - The stems of track 1 stop in the middle and the stems of track 2 start in the middle

    4. Full - Stems are used, but no fades are applied in the transition

Use the above process to create stem transitions for any song in your mix. You don't have to use stem separation for every song, and you can choose either Stems/EQ for any transition.

Convert Track to Acapella and Instrumental

You can also split an entire track into an acapella and an instrumental.

  1. Click a track on the timeline.

  2. Right-click the track header.

  3. Select one of the following options.

  4. Wait for the process to complete.

  5. You will now see the separated samples in your sample library. You can export this to other places on your machine, and use it in other projects.

Vocal Isolation (Acapella Creation)

You can also use the Stem technology to isolate vocals from a track and create a new acapella vocal sample. This is useful if you want to make mashups and remixes, or use vocal slices from one track in other places in your mix.

  1. Highlight any section of a track with shift+click

  2. Right-click the section, and choose Copy Vocals

  3. This will create a new audio sample in the Sample Lane, containing the isolated vocal elements.

  4. You can then copy this, move it anywhere on the timeline, and apply automated effects.

Instrumental Isolation

The Stem Separator can be used to create samples from any of the audio types. This is another fun way to create exciting remixes, mashups, and new isolated samples based on your chosen layer.

  1. Highlight any section of a track with shift+click

  2. Right-click the track, and choose either

    1. Copy Drums - Isolates the drums and percussion of the selected section.

    2. Copy Bass - Isolates the bassline.

    3. Copy Melody - Isolates melodic and harmonic elements, like the synths, keys, guitars, and other instruments.

  3. This will create an audio sample on the Sample Lane based on your chosen element.

  4. You can then edit this in full detail with the sample lane editor.

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