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How To Use 1001Tracklists in DJ.Studio
How To Use 1001Tracklists in DJ.Studio

This tutorial explains how to use 1001Tracklists in DJ.Studio.

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1001Tracklists is now integrated with DJ.Studio - browse any of the DJ sets listed on the website, find the tracklists, and then use the tracks in your own mix! Check out this blog post for some background on this collaboration.

Watch This Video for more information!

1001Tracklists uses the YouTube project mode, so you can mix any track you find online without needing to buy or download it.

Using 1001Tracklists in DJ.Studio

  1. Start a new YouTube project (or select 1001Tracklists from the left dashboard menu).

  2. If you are in a YouTube project, click Add Tracks and then select the 1001Tracklists tab.

  3. You will now see the 1001Tracklists browser.

  4. Search for a particular DJ, radio show, or browse through the suggested track charts.

  5. In this example, I searched ‘Martin Garrix’, and I can now see all of his DJ shows listed on 1001Tracklists.

  6. Click on the DJ set that you want to look at. You will now see a list of all the tracks identified in the mix. If a track title says ‘ID’ it means either the track is unreleased, or the corresponding YouTube link isn’t available in 1001Tracklists.

  7. Click the + icon to add the track to your mix, Or click the + button at the top of the column to add all tracks from the set at once.
    You can also click on the track and preview it on YouTube before adding it to your mix.

  8. Click Add # Tracks in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  9. DJ.Studio will then analyze the Key and BPM for the track and import it. If the track already shows the Key and BPM in the browser, it means somebody has already used it in DJ.Studio, and the analysis is already in the cloud.

  10. After adding the tracks, you are sent over to the DJ.Studio editor, when you can use Automix and all the other features!

  11. When the mix is finished, click on the Share button to send your mix to friends, family, and fans. You will be given a URL link that shows your mix on a streamable online player. Here is an Example YouTube Mix to see what it looks like.


You can browse sets on and add tracks to DJ.Studio from the website.

Simply click the button in the image below to import songs into the DJ.Studio app!

Enjoy your new DJ discoveries!

FAQs About 1001Tracklists X DJ.Studio

Why aren't all the tracks in a mix added to DJ.Studio?

Sometimes, you will notice that there are tracks missing from the imported playlist. The reason for this, is that not every track in a mix is IDed on 1001Tracklists. Some tracks are unreleased, remixes, or they aren't found on YouTube. If this is the case then it's not possible for DJ.Studio to import the song into a mix.

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