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Learn how to connect Beatport Streaming in DJ.Studio

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You can now make mixes from any track on Beatport Streaming!

Beatport Streaming gives you access to the best tracks in electronic dance music with the extensive 12m+ Beatport catalogue, plus ready-made playlists from their in-house experts and some of the best DJs in the industry.

This integration lets you experiment with Beatport's huge Streaming library of music, and take advantage of Beatport's powerful discovery features, with DJ.Studio's unique mix creation tools.

You can then use the Legalize feature to buy and download these tracks, allowing you to record your mix to a sharable file.

This guide explains how to set up Beatport in DJ.Studio, and guides you through all the important things to know.

NOTE - Your machine needs to meet the generic DJ.Studio System Requirements, and your MacOS must be Catalina or higher (Mojave doesn't work).

How To Set Up Beatport Streaming in DJ.Studio

Follow these steps to get Beatport Streaming connected to DJ.Studio

  1. Open the installed DJ.Studio *Beatport Streaming is not available in the browser version.

  2. Go to Settings > Connections> Connections> Beatport Streaming and click Connect

  3. Log in with your Beatport Streaming Advanced (or higher) account, or sign up for the 60-day free trial offered in DJ.Studio.

  4. Click Create New Mix from the dashboard, and select a Beatport Project

  5. You will now be taken to a blank Beatport Project, where you can start adding Beatport streaming.

Sign Up For Free Beatport Trial

You can get started with this feature for free, with a 60-day trial offered by Beatport Streaming.

  1. After connecting DJ.Studio, you will either be asked to sign in to Beatport, or activate a free 60-day trial.

  2. Simply click the trial button, and create an account.

  3. You do not need any card information, and your bank will not be charged when the trial runs out.

This gives you access to all the features for free!

Using Beatport Mode in DJ.Studio

This section runs you through the Beatport & DJ.Studio workflow and features.

  1. Create a new Beatport Project as explained above.

  2. You will now see the Beatport library browser, where you can search for genres and tracks, view your playlists, favorites, purchased tracks, and offline library.

  3. Start adding tracks to your project via the library. Simply locate a track, and click the + icon to add it to your mix. Click the Add Tracks To Mix button in the lower right corner when you've chosen them all. You can add more tracks at any point by clicking the Add Tracks button to reopen the library browser.

    1. You also see tabs at the top for Spotify, and 1001Tracklists. This lets you add music from either platform and convert it to a Beatport Streaming link.

      1. With Spotify, you can search using the bar, or paste in a track or playlist URL.

      2. With 1001Tracklists you can find full setlists from your favorite DJs for inspiration.

  4. You can then use all the DJ.Studio mix creation and editing tools, like the Automix and timeline editor. Learn more about How To Use DJ.Studio.

  5. To export your mix when it's finished, follow the instructions in the next section.


  • You can create a playlist in the left column, then drag and drop searched songs into the playlist.

  • Sort the library by key or BPM to find songs that fit the specs you need.

Exporting Beatport Project Mixes

There are a few options when it comes to exporting Beatport Mixes.

Because these are streamed files, you cannot export them in the same way as Local File projects. It's not allowed to record DJ mixes with streaming files.
But we made a solution for that: It's called Legalize mix and let's you buy the tracks with a few clicks. Read more below.

When you're mix is ready to export:

  1. Click Export in the top right corner

  2. Pick the option you wish to choose:

    1. Publish - Uploads your mix to the DJ.Studio Beatport Community Mix Page. *You can find this page and browser community mixes from the DJ.Studio dashboard. Other Beatport customers will be able to listen to your mix and favorite your mix or tracks. Commenting feature will be added soon.

    2. Legalize - Buy and download the tracks in your mix, allowing you to render it to a single file and upload to YouTube/Mixcloud etc.

    3. DJ Set - export your playlist as a txt or csv file so you have it as a reference in your DJ tool.
      For rekordbox users, you can export your playlist to rekordbox including the reference to the Beatport streaming files. If you login to rekordbox with you Beatport streaming account, you can play your set live.

    4. Backup - Creates a .djs file, which can be re-imported into DJ.Studio on other machines, giving a backup and restore function.

Legalizing Your Beatport Mix

You need to buy and download tracks from Beatport if you want to record and render your mix to a file to share online - like as a YouTube video, or on Mixcloud/Soundcloud, or on a radio station.

This is why DJ.Studio made the Legalize Feature.

This creates a Beatport shopping list of any tracks used in your mix (that you don't already own), and then lets you buy tracks, download them, and automatically recreate your mix in a Local File project, which has no limitations.

Follow these steps to Legalize your Beatport Mix

  1. Finish your mix, and click Export in the top right corner.

  2. Now select Legalize.

  3. DJ.Studio will scan your Beatport library, and identify any tracks in your mix that you haven't purchased.

  4. Click Open Beatport Shopping List. You will now be taken to a DJ.Studio Cart playlist.

  5. Click Buy All, and they will all be added to your Beatport Cart. If you've used tracks in your mix that you already own you'll see a notification asking if you want to re-purchase them, click no.

    Open your shopping cart with the icon in the top right corner.

  6. Complete the checkout process, and head back to DJ.Studio.

  7. Click I've purchased the tracks. DJ.Studio rescans your account, locates the bought tracks, and automatically downloads them. Your mix will then be converted to a Local File Project, and you will see the notification below.

If DJ.Studio doesn't detect that the tracks have been downloaded to your library, you can try these options:

  1. Click Download Tracks From Beatport. This will then create a .zip folder,

  2. Click the Browse button in DJ.Studio and locate the downloaded zip.


  1. Manually download the files from the Beatport Website

  2. Then click the Browse button in DJ.Studio and locate the downloaded zip.


If you already downloaded the files a long time ago or already got them via another route, you can just use the Browse button to add them to your library.

After completing these, you will be taken to your new Local File project, which perfectly recreates your Beatport Mix.

DJ.Studio cannot find tracks that I have already purchased?

If you have purchased tracks, and DJ.Studio cannot find them in your library, you are given the option of importing a .zip folder containing the tracks. You can download the .zip of tracks from Beatport, and manually add them to your mix.

FAQs about DJ.Studio's Beatport Mode

How do I download my Beatport mix project?

Use the Legalize Mix feature:

  1. Click Export > Legalize

  2. Click Open Beatport Shopping List

  3. Click Buy All to add all the tracks to your shopping cart.

  4. Click on Your Cart, and finish the checkout payment process.

  5. Return to the DJ.Studio app, and click I've purchased the tracks. Wait for DJ.Studio to scan your purchase library.

  6. DJ.Studio will automatically download and configure the files into a new Local File project, restoring all your editing.

    1. If DJ.Studio can't find the tracks in your Beatport library, download them from Beatport manually, then point DJ.Studio to the zip (you will see instructions on the screen)

  7. Click Open Your New Mix and then export the file as you would with a Local File project!

Does Beatport Streaming work with DJ.Studio?

Beatport Streaming can easily be used inside DJ.Studio. All you need is a DJ.Studio account, and a Beatport Streaming Advanced account.

You can make DJ.Studio mixes with any track in the Beatport library after you connect your Beatport account.

How to use Beatport Streaming with DJ.Studio?

  1. Download and open the DJ.Studio app.

  2. Open Settings > Connections > Connections > Beatport Streaming, and click Connect.

  3. You will be asked to sign into a Beatport Streaming account, or you can start a free 60-day trial.

  4. After logging in, you can create Beatport Projects in DJ.Studio

  5. Click Create New Mix > Beatport Project.

  6. Now you can browse the Beatport Library, import tracks to your mix, and start editing and creating your mix.

  7. When the mix is ready, click the Export button to share it online, or Legalize your mix and buy and download the tracks.

How to Export a Beatport Streaming Project to rekordbox?

You can export your Beatport Streaming mixes to rekordbox and use rekordbox's Beatport Streaming integration to mix your project live.

  1. Finish your mix.

  2. Click Export > DJ Set > rekordbox.

  3. DJ.Studio then creates a playlist in rekordbox which contains all the tracks in your mix.

  4. Open rekordbox, and find the playlist in the Beatport Streaming tab of your rekordbox library.

Beatport Streaming Unsupported File Format

Some tracks on Beatport Streaming are 'Pre-Release Tracks'. These give users a taste of upcoming music. These will not work in DJ.Studio due to Beatport's terms of service.

You will have to wait until the track is officially released, sorry!

I bought some tracks on a different Beatport account

We request a list of all tracks that are bought with this account. Based on that, we check if you already bought the track. Once all tracks are in your account, we make the next step and check if the tracks are in your library. When you have multiple accounts, this won't work. We are working on a solution for this, please email support if you are desperate.

How do I connect my Beatport account?

Follow the instructions at the top of this page to connect your Beatport Streaming account to DJ.Studio!

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