Local vs YouTube Mix

When creating a new mix, you will be presented with the option of choosing either an MP3/Local or YouTube mix type.

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When you create a new DJ.Studio mix, you can choose between two project types:

  • Local File

  • YouTube

Each of these works in a slightly different way.

This article explains why these two project types exist, and how they differ. As well as which one you should use.

The main thing to understand is that they work with different audio sources. The Local Music type works with audio files from your hard drive, the YouTube mode works by streaming audio from YouTube or YouTube Music.

Important! Export Limitations

Local File Projects are the only version that lets you create a downloadable file (MP3, WAV, MP4 video, etc), which can be uploaded to other websites.

YouTube projects can be shared via a streaming URL created by DJ.Studio.

You cannot upload YouTube project mixes to YouTube itself, due to copyright reasons.

YouTube doesn't allow you to re-upload content from YouTube to YouTube. It is a violation of the copyright of the owners of the videos.

That's why we created a link for you with a YouTube player where you can listen to your music or share it with others. That player, which always shows the original YouTube videos also makes sure that the artists are credited. Ripping the audio to a download is illegal.

Check out the demos on the DJ.Studio Community Mix Page

Local Music Mixes

Local Mixes only use files from your computer’s hard drive and not any online audio.

This type of project can be used for exporting your mixes.

You can also use this version with any of the Integrated 3rd Party DJ Apps, so long as you are using the downloaded version of DJ.Studio.

Importing Local Files from a Hard Drive

You can easily import local audio files from your PC hard drive to a Local File mix.

When you create a new project, you will see this screen.

  1. Click either of the "Add Tracks" buttons.

  2. You will now see your DJ.Studio audio library. If you have already imported tracks into DJ.Studio, you can select some to use them in a playlist.

  3. You can import new tracks by clicking 'Import Local Files' at the top left.

  4. Then, either drag and drop audio files into the DJ.Studio interface, or select a file location from the box.

  5. Wait for DJ.Studio to analyze your audio. After, you will be able to select tracks from your library and add them to your playlist.

Importing Local Files Via Integrated DJ Software

DJ.Studio can connect to a range of other DJ software. This gives you the ability to access audio libraries you have built in other DJ apps like rekordbox, Traktor, iTunes, and more.

Find specific information in this section of the manual > Connecting External Software.

These are the basic steps for using audio from an integrated DJ app:

  1. Make sure your software of choice is integrated with DJ.Studio’s library

    1. Open the settings menu

    2. Scroll down to the Library tab

    3. Check any DJ software you want to connect

  2. From the Library view, click on your chosen software from the left panel

  3. You may be prompted to locate the connected software’s storage folder

  4. DJ.Studio will now connect to the software’s library

  5. You should now be able to browse through your libraries from other software, from within DJ.Studio’s browser

  6. Any tracks can now be used in a playlist.

YouTube Mixes

YouTube mixes are used for making mixes from audio from either YouTube or YouTube Music. (Or Spotify)

These mixes cannot be exported due to copyright. Although you can play the whole mix through the DJ.Studio internal player.

Importing Online Tracks From YouTube

You can make mixes in DJ.Studio using audio from YouTube and YouTube music. This method works slightly differently to Local File mode and has some limitations.

Rather than these being imported as audio files, DJ.Studio streams the audio in real-time, letting you mix songs from YouTube.

It’s worth noting that projects containing YouTube tracks cannot be exported - due to copyright limitations. Hence, we offer two types of projects (Local, or YouTube).

To import tracks from Youtube into your music library, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a new mix in YouTube mode, from the mix creation screen.

  2. Click "Add Tracks" and you will now be shown a screen for finding and importing music from YouTube and YouTube Music.

  3. Click on the desired source (YT Music/Video)

  4. You will now be given a YouTube search bar.

  5. Here you can either:

    1. Enter the name of a song

    2. Enter a link to a YouTube Playlist

  6. After searching, you will be shown a list of songs found on YouTube matching your search.

  7. Simply click the '+' icon next to each track to add it to your mix.

  8. When you are happy that you have selected all the tracks you want to use, click "Add Songs To Mix"

DJ.Studio will now import and analyze your chosen tracks. Afterward, you will be taken to the editing screen to work on your mix.

Export YouTube Mix

You can’t download your YouTube mixes, however, you can create a shareable link.

Follow these instructions for exporting YouTube mixes from DJ.Studio.

1. Open your YouTube mix in DJ.Studio
2. Click the Share button
3. Change the name of your mix, and add your Artist name, Genre, and/or description.

4. Your mix will be exported. You will be given a shareable URL link, which will host a playable version of your mix.

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