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Autogain, Gain Control & Volume Editing
Autogain, Gain Control & Volume Editing

Learn about the controlling the volume balance accross your mix.

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Sometimes, you will find that one track is much louder or quieter than others - even when the track volume controls are set to the same position. This is because some tracks are naturally mastered louder or quiter than others.

As a DJ, you want to make sure that tracks have a consistent and controlled volume throughout your mix. This ensures a smooth listening experience, so the audience doesn't need to constantly reach for their volume control.

DJ.Studio used to include an AutoGain feature, but we removed it to give more powerful and flexible gain controls.

This guide explains how you can use DJ.Studio's gain control features to get the perfect volume balance across your entire mix.

Gain Staging your DJ.Studio Mix

There are several gain stages in DJ.Studio's signal flow, giving you total control over the the individual and combined track outputs.

The main controls for balancing the volume are Track Gain, Track Compressors, and Master Limiter.

Track Gain - Each track in your mix has an independent gain control. This is useful for manually balancing the volume across your mix. For example, if one song is notably quieter than the others, you can turn it up with the track gain control.

Track Compressors - Each track also features an independent compressor. This is used to control the dynamic range of a track individually. Some tracks will be more dynamic than others, or sometimes you want to make a track louder, but avoid distorting it by overdriving the signal. This is where the compressors are useful. Simply set the compressor threshold to determine the max volume output, and then crank up the gain to match.

Master Limiter - The Mastering section gives you control over the shared and final output of your mix. This gives you one Gain and one Ceiling (limiter) control which affects the combined output of all tracks.

You can use this to set the max volume output of your mix, which is the perfect tool for making the volume consistent.

FAQs About Volume, Gain, and Autogain

Where is the AutoGain?

We've removed the autogain feature to give you more powerful manual controls. This gives you more precision over the gain consistency of your mix, letting you find the perfect balance. Autogain was inaccurate and we weren't satisfied with the results.

How do I balance the volume of my tracks?

To balance the volume of your tracks, you should use the Gain Control located in the effects tab. This gives you an independent control over each track's volume. If some tracks are louder or quieter than others, use the gain control to balance them out. You can also use the master limiter to apply some compression, putting the tracks in a similar dynamic range.

How do I make all the tracks the same volume level?'

You can make all tracks the same volume level using the gain control as described above. Alternatively, you could use the master limiter. Make sure that you see the gain reduction indicator being activated for each song, to a similar level.

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