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This article shows you how to get around the main parts of the software within the top bar.

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The top navigation bar is present on most screens in DJ.Studio.

This gives you access to several sections and tools of DJ.Studio.

From left to right:

  1. DJ.Studio Logo - Clicking this takes you back to the main menu screen, where you can browse your projects, or create new projects.

  2. Mix Dropdown - Opens a panel containing various operations for the currently opened mix: New / Open / Open Recent / Close / Save / Save As / Revert To / Export (You can find out more about these options on the - PROJECT MANAGEMENT PAGE ADD)

  3. Carousel View - Opens the Carousel view for editing your mix with a simplified interface.

  4. Library View - Open and manage your track library.

  5. Playlist View - Edit your mix from the playlist view, letting you reorder and delete tracks.

  6. Studio View - Opens the advanced Studio view editor.

  7. Mixed In Key - Opens the Mixes In Key integration window, letting you activate your license, and check the progress of its analysis.

  8. Export - Opens the Export window for recording your mix and sending it out of DJ.Studio.

  9. Feedback - Opens the feedback hub website for reporting bugs, and suggesting new ideas for DJ.Studio!

  10. Settings - Opens the Settings menu for customizing DJ.Studio's performance.

  11. Buy - Opens the DJ.Studio store for purchasing a license.

  12. Master Gain - Control the final volume output of the DJ.Studio software.

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