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Learn about DJ.Studio's useful Playlist View mode

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The Split Playlist View displays the underpinning tracklist of your mix, shows information, and gives you some controls. This is the main place to reorder your tracks.

Playlist Window

In the Playlist Window, you can reorder and delete tracks from the mix.

It also displays a range of useful information relating to the tracks in the mix.

You can see the key for each track, as well as an icon displaying how well it is matched to the next track, with an energy transition icon.

The playlist displays information about each track, and also gives you the ability to reorder the playlist by grabbing the handles on the right edge.

The information displayed includes:

  • Track number

  • Album art

  • Artist name

  • Track title

  • Transition information

  • Track length

  • Camelot key

  • Energy level

  • Match indicator (click this to open the icon type information)

  • BPM

  • Delete

If there is a red exclamation mark next to a track, it means it isn't harmonically compatible with the next track. Click on the exclamation to open the Solver, which will look through your music library to try to find a track to harmonically bridge the gap.

You can also open the transition editor by clicking the crossfade icon in the bottom right corner. This lets you create and edit the type of transition between each track. Switch over to Studio mode to get more precise transition controls.

Click the icon to display the types of Key Harmony mix transitions.

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