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Connect rekordbox with DJ.Studio
Connect rekordbox with DJ.Studio

Connect your rekordbox with DJ.Studio so you can browse your rekordbox library from within DJ.Studio to add tracks for your mix.

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DJ.Studio can be connected to rekordbox 6.0 and above.

If you have been using rekordbox to manage your music library, we advice you to download the DJ.Studio app to connect to your rekordbox database. With the DJ.Studio app you can

  • search your rekordbox library from within DJ.Studio to find the right tracks for your DJ mix via your rekordbox playlists.

  • via rekordbox imported tracks will show your hot cues and phrases from rekordbox in the Studio tab

The integration of the DJ.Studio desktop app with rekordbox software simplifies your workflow and enables you to merge your preferred DJ software to achieve the best results.

How to Connect rekordbox to DJ.Studio

Follow these steps to connect rekordbox to DJ.Studio:

Note, that you can only use software connections in the installed app version of DJ.Studio, not the browser version.

  1. Download the DJ.Studio desktop application for either Mac or Windows.
    You can download the app from

  2. Install the DJ.Studio for the first time, like you always install apps on your PC or Mac.

  3. Open the Desktop App

  4. To connect rekordbox:

    1. Click the Settings cog in the top right

    2. Scroll down to Connections, click on the Library Tab, and Enable rekordbox

  5. Wait for DJ.Studio to locate and connect your rekordbox library.

  6. You can now enjoy rekordbox integration!

How To Use Your rekordbox Library in DJ.Studio

  1. You will now be able to view all of your playlists and complete rekordbox music library in DJ.Studio.

  2. To see your rekordbox Library:

    1. Click Add Tracks

    2. Select the rekordbox Tab from the top

  3. Click the +icon to add tracks from your library to your mix.

  4. Automix your playlist and get creative!

  5. Tracks imported from rekordbox will show your rekordbox phrases and cue points if you had those analyzed in rekordbox when you imported the track in DJ.Studio. (Explained in the next section).

    These phrases and cue points can help you find the best locations to start transitions or cut out pieces of the track.

Track Section/Phrase Analysis

The main addition to integrating rekordbox is being able to see the different sections of a track.

Rekordbox detects verses, choruses, breakdowns, bridges etc (you can also manually mark them in rekordbox). These markings are imported into DJ.Studio, and are displayed clearly on the timeline, with colored sections for each part of the arrangement.

By clicking on one of these sections, you can automatically highlight it, making it easy to delete or loop segments in one click.

Using these cue markers makes it super easy to rapidly arrange songs at the perfect moment.

These markings are displayed above the Mixed In Key energy segment markers, so you can make the best of both pieces of integrated software at the same time.

Note, you will need to enable certain track analysis settings in rekordbox for these phrases to be marked.

  1. Open rekordbox

  2. Open the settings

  3. Navigate to the analysis tab

  4. Check the options look the same as the image below.

How to Export DJ Sets from DJ.Studio to Rekordbox

You can export DJ sets directly from DJ.Studio to rekordbox. This includes playlist ordering and automatically generates hot-cue markers to indicate how to perform transitions.

  1. Finish your DJ.Studio mix.

  2. Click Export.

  3. Choose DJ Set > rekordbox.

  4. Choose the options as desired. Make sure to Add Hot Cues if you want to generate transition markers.

  5. Click Export, and wait for the process to complete.

  6. Now, open Rekordbox. (You'll need to close and reopen rekordbox if it was open when you exported the project.)

  7. Look for your project name in the PLAYLISTS tab of the rekordbox library browser.

  8. Open the playlist (it will have the same name as your DJ.Studio mix project, and you will see all your tracks in order, as a playlist which you can instantly start DJing with.

DJ.Studio cannot find rekordbox library folder

If you see the message "DJ.Studio could not find your rekordbox library" please follow the instructions on this guide - Locating rekordbox Integration Folders

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