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Creating a Fade at the Start or End of a Mix
Creating a Fade at the Start or End of a Mix

Learn how to add fades at the start and end of your mix

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Written by Noah Feasey-Kemp
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Sometimes you might want to create a smooth volume fade-out at the end of your mix. (Or a slow fade up at the start.)

This can be a nice way to start and end your mix, with a gradual volume increase/decrease.

This is easy to do in DJ.Studio, and there are two ways.

You can either record the automation live or draw it in manually.

To record a fade with automation:

  1. Enter the Studio Timeline view

  2. Move the playhead to the place you want the fade-out to start on the last track by clicking the timeline.

  3. Click the Record Automation button (the red circle on the toolbar).

  4. Now, as the track plays, use the volume control on the left-hand side to slowly bring down the volume.

  5. When you stop playing, the automation will be recorded and your fade-out will be saved.

  6. You can then click on the automation lane to manually move points around if you want to adjust the fade.

This can be repeated in reverse to achieve a fade in effect.

To manually create a fade:

  1. Move to the place in the final track you want to start the fade.

  2. Click on the volume control slider

  3. Now, you can click and draw points on the volume automation line as desired.

Siebrand's Tip! You can also click anywhere on the timeline and hit the 'V' key to instantly create a new automation point at the playhead - some people might find this workflow easier.


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