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Beatport Streaming 60-day free trial
Beatport Streaming 60-day free trial
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Start your 60-day trial at Beatport

If you don’t have a Beatport account yet, you will be prompted to create an account when you try to make a Beatport mix.

You can activate a free two-month trial for Beatport Streaming in DJ.Studio to test out the features in full.

  1. You can choose to try Beatport Streaming by Starting your 60-day trial. Usually, the trial is 30 days, but Beatport is giving DJ.Studio users an extra month!

  2. Click the Get FREE trial button to generate your coupon code.

  3. Generate, and copy the coupon code.

  4. Now click the link to open Beatport, and start creating an account. Head to and choose an advanced account trial.

  5. If you already have a normal Beatport account, sign in. Otherwise, you will need to register a new free Beatport account.

  6. Continue through the checkout process, and enter your coupon code in here.

  7. You will see that the price is put to 0.

  8. Complete the Beatport Streaming subscription sign up, and you will be ready to start making Beatport mixes. ​

  9. Go Back to DJ.Studio and click Sign in with Beatport

  10. Log in with the Beatport account username and password you just created

  11. ​You can now make Beatport Streaming mixes in DJ.Studio!

Find out more about using Beatport Streaming in DJ.Studio

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