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Beatsource Streaming gives you access to an extensive catalog of 7m+ open format tracks including instrumentals & acapellas, DJ tools, radio-friendly versions, and edits.

DJ.Studio now features Beatsource integration, letting you access the entire library inside the app!

This article explains everything you need to know about this integration.

(Not to be confused with the Beatport integration!)

Beatsource Integration: Overview

The Beatsource DJ.Studio integration offers a range of features:

  • You can connect to your existing Beatsource Streaming account.

  • You can create DJ mixes with tracks from your Beatsource streaming library.

  • You can share those DJ mixes within the Beatsource Community in DJ.Studio

  • Beatsource Streaming is a streaming service. That does not allow you to record your music or export it to MP3 or WAV.

In the Export menu, you can choose to legalize your mix by buying the tracks within your DJ mix via the Beatsource site. After that, you can export your file with the regular export options like export to a local file, video, DJ set, or Ableton.


You cannot export your mix to rekordbox yet.

  • You can only export your mix to a local file after you have legalized a mix.

  • You need to have Beatsource Streaming Pro+ plan, or you can start a free 60-day trial from within DJ.Studio.

  • The Beat detection is not optimized for this type of music, so beat syncing might not sound good. In that case, you need to adjust the beat grid at the end and beginning of the tracks or use the “disable sync button” to get the transitions right.
    The DJ.Studio team is working on a new improved beat detection algorithm that will be released in the next few weeks.

Our team will make sure these things will be supported in the upcoming weeks.

How to Setup Beatsource Integration

  1. Go to Settings > Connections> Beatsource Streaming and click Connect

Or from the left menu > Beatsource > start New mix > the login modal will open

  1. Log in with your Beatsource credentials or follow the instructions below to start your free trial

  2. Click on Create New Mix on your DJ.Studio home, you'll now see Beatsource
    If you don’t see Beatsource in the Create New Mix screen, can you Refresh the DJ.Studio application using CMD+R.

Start your Free 60-day Beatsource trial

If you don’t have a Beatsource account yet,

  1. you can choose to try Beatsource Streaming by Start your 60-day trial which is normally just 30 days.
    Note: This is only available to users who have not used the Beatport 60-day trial.

  2. Claim your Coupon code.

  3. DJ.Studio will give you a coupon code which you need to enter in the Beatsource signup flow at

  1. Complete your subscription by going to and fill in the coupon code field.

  2. Go Back to DJ.Studio and click Sign in with Beatsource

  3. Log in with the Beatsource account username and password you just created

How to create DJ mixes with Beatsource streaming

  1. Click Create New Mix on the Home screen and choose Beatsource:

  2. You can browse your Beatsource playlists, see what tracks you favorited on Beatsource

  3. And the rest works like you are used to:
    Add tracks, tracks are being analyzed, Automix, and work on your transitions.

  4. For Beatsource streaming mixes, Export options are limited to

    1. Share your mix within the Beatsource community within DJ.Studio

    2. Backup your mix

Legalize mix: You can buy the tracks from your Beatsource mix with a few clicks and change your Beatsource project into a Local file mix, so you can have all the other export options available. Check the description below to learn how this works.

Downloading Your Beatsource Mix (Legalize)

You need to buy and download tracks from Beatsource if you want to record and render your mix to a file to share online - like as a YouTube video, on Mixcloud/Soundcloud, or on a radio station.

This is why DJ.Studio made the Legalize Feature.

This creates a Beatsource shopping list of any tracks used in your mix (that you don't already own), and then lets you buy tracks, download them, and automatically recreate your mix in a Local File project, which has no limitations.

Follow these steps to Legalize your Beatsource Mix

  1. Finish your mix, and click Export in the top right corner.

  2. Now select Legalize.

  3. DJ.Studio will scan your Beatsource library, and identify any tracks in your mix that you haven't purchased.

  4. To purchase tracks you don’t already own, click Open Beatsource Shopping List. You will now be taken to a Beatsource playlist in a new modal window.
    Note: for now there is still an issue that you have to login and then see a 404 page. If you close the modal and then Open Beatsource Shopping List again, it will direct you to the correct page. If you are logged in already, click the shopping cart icon in the top-right corner.

  5. Select the tracks you want to buy and they will be added to your Beatsource Cart. If you've used tracks in your mix that you already own you'll see a notification asking if you want to re-purchase them, click No.
    Open your shopping cart with the icon in the top right corner.

  6. Complete the checkout process, and head back to DJ.Studio. ​

  7. You will now need to download the tracks to your device if you haven’t already done so.

  8. Click the yellow Browse button in the bottom-right corner of the modal, to add them to DJ.Studio.

  9. DJ.Studio will add the tracks to your DJS library.

  10. Click the button to open your mix as a new, local project.

Legal Considerations

By participating in the Beatsource streaming integration beta in, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Compliance with Licenses: We all love and respect the art of music. Please use the Beta version in strict accordance with the licensing agreements of both and Beatsource. Any use outside these terms is strictly prohibited.

  2. No Infringement: You agree not to engage in any activity infringing upon the intellectual property rights of, Beatsource, or any third parties. Avoid unauthorized copying, altering, or sharing of the content.

  3. Responsible Use: You commit to using the Beta version responsibly and legally, respecting all applicable laws and regulations.

Remember, these guidelines are here to make sure our beta experience is as enjoyable as possible. Violating them could mean a goodbye to your DJ.Studio access and we certainly don't want that!

FAQs About Beatsource

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