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Extension installation issues Windows
Extension installation issues Windows
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Our automatic installation of the extensions doesn't work on some Windows systems. The extension we install uses partly Python scripting that is falsely flagged as a virus or malware. Therefore DJ.Studio isn't able to run the extension.

If you got a message in the software that led you to this article, please verify the following:

  1. Does this path exist
    Go with Windows Explorer to:


  2. It should look like this

  3. If you see the djs-stems-extension.exe or djs-beatgrid-extension.exe , try to run it by double click.

    A. If it is installed correctly, it should show a command prompt open:

    It will automatically close.
    If this also succeeds, please contact or use the Chat icon in the lower right corner of the DJ Studio application.

    B. If the file is missing or you get an error when you double-click the djs-{extension}.exe, it's probably an antivirus program that has moved our djs-{extension}.exe to a quarantine folder:

    B.1. Go to your antivirus software and restore this file
    B.2. add djs-{extension}.exe to your exclusions.

    You can also submit this file to your antivirus scanner for a false positive (or let us know which Antivirus blocks this so we can contact the vendor to get it on an allowlist).

Since version 2.6.61 it's possible to uninstall a failed extension and try again to download/install it from Settings > Extensions.

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