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First Time Setup

This article explains the installation and setup process.

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First-Time Setup

You will be presented with some options upon running DJ.Studio for the first time.

In the app, you will be prompted to select the DJ software you would like to use as an integrated library with DJ.Studio. You can always change to a different choice later, through the Settings menu.

Integration Setup

DJ.Studio can be connected with any of the following DJ music libraries. You will see this displayed in the library browser panel, where you can browse your music library to find the tracks which you want to add to your mix.

Available Integrations:

  • rekordbox

  • Serato

  • VirtualDJ

  • Traktor Pro

  • Engine DJ

  • Mixed In Key

  • iTunes

Coming Soon:

  • DJay Pro

You can also use DJ.Studio’s internal library as your main library, where you can upload your own files without connecting it to any other software.

When choosing some of these external integrations, DJ.Studio will try to find the relevant destination folder by itself. If that doesn’t work, you might be prompted to locate the relevant Music folder yourself to connect to the external library.

In the ‘Settings > Library’ screen you can always change your main library connection to another one.

See the chapter on 3rd Party Software Integration for full tutorials for each software connection!

Updating DJ.Studio

DJ.Studio is regularly updated. See the page on How To Update DJ.Studio for the full details!

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