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Connect Virtual DJ to DJ.Studio
Connect Virtual DJ to DJ.Studio

Learn how to connect your Virtual DJ library to use inside DJ.Studio

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You can now access your Virtual DJ libraries from within DJ.Studio, making it easy to mix sets between both programs.

Learn how in this guide.

How To Connect Virtual DJ to DJ.Studio

  1. Download the DJ.Studio desktop application for either Mac or Windows.
    You can download the app from

  2. Install the DJ.Studio for the first time, like you always install apps on your PC or Mac.

  3. Open the Desktop App

  4. To connect Virtual DJ:

    1. Click the Settings cog in the top right

    2. Scroll down to Connections, click on the Library Tab, and Enable Virtual DJ

    3. You may see a popup asking for permission to connect. Make sure you accept or the connections won't work.

  5. Wait for DJ.Studio to locate and connect your Virtual DJ library.

  6. You can now enjoy Virtual DJ integration!

How To Use Your Virtual DJ Library in DJ.Studio

  1. You will now be able to view all of your playlists and complete Virtual DJ music library in DJ.Studio.

  2. To see your Virtual DJ Library:

    1. Click Add Tracks

    2. Select the Virtual DJ Tab from the top

  3. Click the +icon to add tracks from your library to your mix.

  4. Automix your playlist and get creative!

Exporting DJ Set (M3U8) to Virtual DJ

This guide explains how to export your DJ.Studio mix as a DJ Set file (M3U8) to import into other Virtual DJ.

  1. Export your mix in DJ.Studio: Export > DJ Set

  2. Select M3U8, and Include Audio, click Export.

  3. Wait for DJ.Studio to create the file, this will take a few minutes.

  4. Copy and extract the folder to somewhere easy to find on your machine - the desktop is usually best. You will see a .m3u8 file inside the folder, as well as your tracks (if you chose to include audio).

  5. Open Virtual DJ, and locate the .m3u8 file on your hard drive from the left browser. When you click the file you will see all your tracks in the order used in DJ.Studio.

  6. Drag these onto the turntables and start mixing!

DJ.Studio cannot find Virtual DJ library folder

If you see the message "DJ.Studio could not find your VirtualDJ library" please follow the instructions on this guide - Locating Integration Folders

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