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Connecting iTunes/Apple Music Library
Connecting iTunes/Apple Music Library

Learn how to connect your iTunes library to DJ.Studio.

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DJ.Studio can also connect directly to your iTunes library to import tracks.

This means you can use your iTunes library without needing to import all the tracks.

Note, that you can only use software connections in the installed app version of DJ.Studio, not the browser version.

On Windows, this is called iTunes, on Mac it's called Apple Music - look for the relevant option.

Follow the steps below to set up and use this connection!

How To Connect iTunes / Apple Music to DJ.Studio

  1. Download the DJ.Studio desktop application for either Mac or Windows.
    You can download the app from

  2. Install the DJ.Studio for the first time, like you always install apps on your PC or Mac.

  3. Open the Desktop App

  4. To connect iTunes / Apple Music :

    1. Click the Settings cog in the top right

    2. Scroll down to Connections, click on the Library Tab, and Enable iTunes / Apple Music

    3. You may see a popup asking for permission to connect. Make sure you accept or the connections won't work.

  5. Wait for DJ.Studio to locate and connect your iTunes / Apple Music library.

  6. You can now enjoy iTunes / Apple Music integration!

How To Use Your iTunes / Apple Music Library in DJ.Studio

  1. You will now be able to view all of your playlists and complete iTunes / Apple Music music library in DJ.Studio.

  2. To see your iTunes / Apple MusicLibrary:

    1. Click Add Tracks

    2. Select the iTunes / Apple Music Tab from the top

  3. Click the +icon to add tracks from your library to your mix.

  4. Automix your playlist and get creative!

Note: if you are using iTunes on Windows:

1. Open iTunes

2. Open the settings menu (Edit -> Settings)

3. Go to the 'Advanced' tab

4. Enable 'Share iTunes Library XML with other applications':


Whats the difference between iTunes and Apple Music?

iTunes and Apple Music are two slightly different services. Apple Music is a term used to describe both Apple's music streaming service, and the iTunes-style management service on Mac platforms (which used to be called iTunes).

On windows, iTunes is still called iTunes, and Apple Music is a separate service for streaming music.

Why can't I mix with Apple Music Files?

You can mix with Apple Music files you have purchased, however you cannot use the files you downloaded via the streaming subscription for Apple Music. Because you don't technically own these files, you're renting them, you cannot use them for any re-recording purposes. This is a legal limitation of Apple Music's DRM.

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