Export Mix To Rekordbox

DJ.Studio has seamless integration with rekordbox, letting you export your mixes with cue markers based on transition positions.

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DJ.Studio can export your mixes to rekordbox. This includes:

  • The playlist ordering

  • Cue markers for transition start/mid/endpoints

This is perfect for preparing a mix in DJ.Studio, and then mixing live with rekordbox and a controller. You can even save it to a USB stick and take it to a club.

Follow these instructions to export your DJ.Studio project to rekordbox:

Create and finish your DJ.Studio project (using local file mode), setting the transition positions where desired.

  1. Click Export > DJ Set > Rekordbox. Make sure Add Hotcues is enabled.

  2. Click Export again to send the project to rekordbox. You will need to close and reopen rekordbox if you had it open at the time of exporting.

  3. Open up rekordbox, and navigate to your new playlist in the browser window.

  4. Rekordbox will need to analyze the tracks. Highlight all the tracks in the playlist, right-click them, and select Analyze Tracks.

  5. You will now see all the hot-cue appear in your tracks in rekordbox.

  6. The left decks will have 8 cues, starting with A, the right deck will have 8 starting with B.

  7. Play the first track on the left.

    1. The 1st hot cue shows you where to start playing the track from

    2. The 2nd shows when to start bringing up the volume.

    3. The 3rd shows you the mid-point of the transition

    4. by the 4th hot cue, the new track should be fully mixed in

    5. The last 4 tracks show you when to start transitioning to the next track

You can then copy this playlist to a USB stick and use it with Pioneer DJ gear in clubs.

Make sure you check out the video at the top of this page for a demonstration.


Is there a way to not copy the audio files and keep the original all by exporting the cues from DJ.Studio to rekordbox?

We need to write the beat grid as well, and we don't want to overwrite your original tracks. So for now, it is a Set preparation tool... just for exporting into USB, and then you delete it. We don't want to touch your original files.

Help: Tracks imported from DJ.Studio to rekordbox cannot have their lighting or lights analyzed?

After tracks are imported you need to manually do Phrase Analyze to detect the lighting. This can be found in rekordbox settings > analysis > Enable Phrase Detection

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