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Running DJ.Studio in Browser vs Desktop App
Running DJ.Studio in Browser vs Desktop App

DJ.Studio can be run in a browser, or installed to your desktop. Find out the differences here

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DJ.Studio can be run in two different ways:

  1. As a downloaded and installed application.

  2. Run online in the web browser mode.

The general mixing tools and process are identical between the two modes, but the browser mode has some limitations.

You can easily transfer your mixes between the App or Browser using the Backup and Restore System.

Installing the DJ.Studio Application

Installing the application is a great choice if you want to...

  1. Use the integrations with music libraries like iTunes, rekordbox, Serato, etc... These are only available in the installed app, not the browser.

  2. To upload tracks from your PC’s hard drive. Some file types can only be imported into the local app.

  3. Want to use DJ.Studio offline, without an internet connection. (Offline mode coming soon)

  4. Guarantee your mixes won't be wiped. Sometimes a browser will automatically clear its cache, which can wipe your DJ mixes :( this won't happen with the app version.

Running DJ.Studio in A Web Browser

The browser version is useful if you are on the go, or don’t want to install any apps to your hard drive.

This lighter option has fewer integrations, but still works with the core features.

Transfer Mixes from Browser to App

So you have created mixes in the web version and want to make them available in your DJ.Studio app?

1. Open DJ.Studio in the browser
2. On the home screen, click on a project which you want to move to your app
3. Click the Backup button to create a .djs file for this specific project.
4. Open the DJ.Studio app which you have installed on your PC/laptop from
5. Click the Import Mix button in the bottom left corner of your screen to import the mix.

Do this for every mix you want to bring from the web version to the app.

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