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The dropdown menu in the top-left corner gives you several commands relating to your mix.

It also displays the Total Running Time (Minutes) and the Track Count of the mix inside the button.

Mix Menu Commands

The following actions can be taken from the mix menu.

Note - If any actions would take you out of the project (close/new/open etc), and you have unsaved changes in the current project, DJ.Studio will ask if you want to save - making sure you don't lose any work.

  • New - Starts the dialogue for creating a new mix project.

  • Open - Takes you to the mix project browser so you can open a different project.

  • Open Recent - Shows a dropdown of recent projects you've been working on, so you can quickly jump to another session.

  • Close - Exits the current project and returns to the DJ.Studio home screen.

  • Save - Save your work to the current project file, creating a new

  • Save as... - Opens a dialogue letting you save the current project as a new project file, also letting you rename it.

  • Revert to - Opens a sub-menu displaying older versions of the current project, letting you reload them if you want to go back to an earlier stage. (Learn more here > Saving Projects)

  • Import mix... - Lets you import backed up .DJS mixes from a location on your hard drive. Learn more here > Mix Management, Backups

  • Export - Open the export window for recording your mix and creating a finished mix audio or video file.

This mix menu can also be opened from the 'File' button in your operating system.

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